Queer-feministisches Kino und Schamlos! präsentieren: Emilie-Jouvet-Zyklus, ein Soli-Zyklus für Schamlos! queer-feministisches Pornographie-Festival Bern

  Experimenteller Film / Porno von Emilie Jouvet , Frankreich, 2017, OV F/e, 60 Minuten

My Body My Rules

Far from the dictates of current female beauty, My Body My Rules focuses on these other bodies, those who take up space, those that stain, biters, those who devour, those who enjoy as they wish, those age and those who are self-transformed, those who are free and wild.

Eight people will reveal the magic, cruel, sensuel, powerful relationship they have with their own bodies. The adventure of the film is multiple: the objective is to give voice and images to women whose body or sexuality is seen as non-standard, unseen or without speaking. The film will highlight possible resistance through an intimate portrait gallery, collective experimentations, tantra, exchange of fluids and knowledge, rituals…

- Jury Prize, Meilleur documentaire, Festival Chéries-Chéris Paris, 2017?- Second Prize Long-métrage, Porn Film Festival Berlin, 2017