Juni- und Juli-Anfragen-Festival 2016

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Small Star Seminar

Cory McAbee is best known as Writer, Director, Songwriter and Composer for the Feature Films, «The American Astronaut» (2001), «Stingray Sam» (2009), «Crazy and Thief» (2012), and as Singer/Songwriter for the Musical Group The Billy Nayer Show (1989–2011). He has created Award-winning Short Films and has worked as both an Actor and Musician in American and European Features.
In 2012 McAbee began the international Arts Collaborative, Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club. McAbee wrote Songs for CAMC that were developed by its Members throughout the World. From 2012 through 2014 McAbee performed Concerts in Support of the Project throughout the US, Europe and Australia. From 2012 through 2015 McAbee wrote the Screenplay for his first feature length Opera, while illustrating his Graphic Novel Series entitled RABBIT. In December of 2014 McAbee began recording and producing a Solo Show, called «The Small Star Seminar». It premiered in Wroclaw, Poland in 2015.
«The Album rides the thin Line between deadly serious and Satire with a little bit of WTF? thrown in», someone said. It is a large ongoing Project that includes live Performances, recorded Music, Videos, live interactive Audio Broadcasts, Graphic Design, Illustrations and a Feature Film that is being created by a global Collaborative: He is the Creator and Administrator of the Collaborative and Writer/Director of the new Feature. The Feature Film will be entitled «Small Star Seminar». It shares Ideas and Themes with his new Solo Album of the same Title.

Cory McAbee