Das Queerfeministische Kino präsentiert zum Welt-AIDS-Tag:

  Harriet Hirshorn, USA, 2017, OV E/fr, 67 Minuten

Nothing Without Us: The Women Who Will End AIDS

Nothing Without Us tells the inspiring story of the vital role that women* have played - and continue to play - in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. Combining archival footage and interviews with female activists, scientists and scholars in the US and Africa, Nothing Without Us reveals how women* not only shaped grassroots groups like ACT-UP in the U.S., but have also played an essential part in HIV prevention and treatment access throughout sub-Saharan Africa. From beauty parlors in Baton Rouge to the first HIV clinic in Burundi, this film looks boldly at the unaddressed dynamics that keep women* around the world at high-risk for HIV, while introducing the remarkable women* who have the answers to ending this 30-year old pandemic. As the history of AIDS activism is being written, women*, particularly women* of color, are being written out of it. This documentary will be a step in restoring women*'s crucial role in the history and present-day activism around HIV as well as bolstering the work of women* everywhere still fighting for their lives.