Das EthnoKino präsentiert: Blowing the Senses / Challenging the Imagination

Das EthnoKino präsentiert: Blowing the Senses / Challenging the Imagination

The 5th edition of your favourite hand-picked selection of ethno-cinema is here. This time we are launching with three powerful short films and three different biotopes – Brasilian cerrado, Algerian Sahara and Panama rainforest.

OTHER FIRE Guilherme Moura and Pedro Branco, Brazil, 21 min., 2017

A sensorial record of affinity and enmity relationships with fire in the conservation of the Cerrado biome. The cinematic experiment hints visual anthropology beyond the human, where environmental forces such as heat, vegetation, and wind compose alterity whose condition remains ambiguous.

IN THE DEVIL’S GARDEN Pavel Borecký, Algeria/Switzerland, 25 min., 2018

The film situates the viewer within the makeshift space of an animal market in Algeria. The sensory ethnography film will invite you to question the banality of displacement, confinement and exploitation in an out-of-sight territory.

ENTRANCE TO THE END Maria von Hausswolff and Anne Gry Friis Kristensen Panama/Denmark, 33 min., 2018

A dark psycho-ethnographic journey into the depths of the jungle of the human subconsciousness. The film is the reaction to Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust, an ultraviolent Italian film from the 1970s, as well as to all romanticizing depictions of nature as a place of harmony which is in balance with both itself and its inhabitants. The footage was shot on 16mm and all sound was recorded on cassette tapes.

There will be Q&A with Pavel Borecký (In the Devil’s Garden) and Skype-Q&A with Pedro Branco (Other Fire) after the screening!