EthnoKino presents: Visible/Invisible

  Dokumentarfilm von Tanja Wol Sørensen, Dänemark, Kolumbien, 2019, OV Spanisch / e, 80 Minuten

A Colombian Family

Film + Gespräch mit der NGO ask! – Schweiz-Kolumbien Arbeitsgruppe

After years in exile, Yira returns to her homeland Colombia. A peace agreement between the FARC social revolutionaries and the Columbian government appears to have put an end to the civil war, and the 30-year-old doctor hopes to reunite her family. Her mother, Ruby, chose to spend the last five decades siding with the guerrilla movement to ensure respect for human rights during the brutal conflict and, despite the ceasefire, a life marked by political persecution. Relentlessly, Yira attempts to get her mother to flee to a safe foreign country. The powerful documentary film A COLOMBIAN FAMILY accompanies the two women and portrays a complex mother-daughter relationship that is threatened by political ideals and the fate of a country.

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