Ethnokino presents: Ethno? Kino Off-Screen

  Spielfilme von Laura Coppens und Martha-Cecilia Dietrich, PER/FR/CH/UK, 2019, OV, 103 Minuten

A Taste of Hope & Horror in the Andes

A Taste of Hope

In 2010, Unilever announcedthe closure of a tea processing and packaging factory in southern France. After three years of resistance, the workers took over the factory and have since then been producing under self-management. Filmmaker Laura Coppens accompanied them in their daily struggles and attempt to turn an utopia into reality.

Horror in the Andes

Horror in the Andes follows three local filmmakers during the making of a horror film in Ayacucho, Peru. They use the codes and conventions of horror film to revive the pre-colonial past and dedicate themselves to creating a cinema for their localcommunity.

Horror In The Andes - teaser from Filmmaking For Fieldwork on Vimeo.