ciné liminal

  2 short films, Germany, OV D/e, 90 Minuten, Special

Who owns the city?

Housing is a human right, but who owns the home you live in? Who owns your city? While rents are rising in Europe's economic centres, large companies are buying up more and more apartments. What do you do, when your home suddenly appears on Immoscout24 as an office space for sale? What if your neighbours are being evicted and you know that you will probably be next? What if you decide to resist and take legal action? This evening we will look at the prominent case of H48 bleibt! (Hermannstrasse 48) in Berlin-Neukölln. We will watch short films about gentrification and precarious living such as «Wem gehört die Stadt» (2021) by Jennifer Mallmann and Julia Cantuária. We will discuss, criticise and imagine our living and housing here and there and we will ask the question: «Wie wollen wir gewohnt haben?»

Wem gehört die Stadt?

(Jennifer Mallmann, Julia Cantuária | Germany | 2021 | 21 Min.)

The essay film captures the impacts and consequences of gentrification in Berlin and allows for the pain of the people affected by their housing struggle. It addresses the essential right to a home - and criticizes the economic and political conditions by which our housing conditions are determined in reality.

Documentary footage on H48

(Eli Börnicke | Germany | 2024 | 20 min.)

Discussion with Eli and Simon (H48)