Vertigo Society's proud Action:

Vertigo Society's proud Action:

2020 spreads its wings for Vertigo Society. We are cultural agitators with a limitless mindset and skills, joining forces to create thriving spheres for art interactions.

With our nucleus in Bern, we mastered years in the field of organization and promotion of cinematic and music events in Switzerland and Europe. Long story short: We met, soulmate-bonded to form a movement to enhance arts interactions in unique new settings. In this collective outreach, we envision the future fields of contemporary art practice.

We deny art categories – categorically. Let's reconnect film, music, sound, video and media art, dance and performance to explore the infinite possibilities longing to be staged in unseen formats, reflecting the pulsating nowness.

«Only one is a wanderer, two are going somewhere» – Vertigo 1958 with a salute to Godfather in spirit Hitchcock – we, together with national and international artists, aim to rise to vertiginous heights so art gets dizzy, to reveal its unseen perceptions and hidden twists.

We are curious.