Das Kino in der Reitschule präsentiert: "Heretical Aesthetics": Filmreihe zu Pier Paolo Pasolini

  Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italien, 1962, OV I/e, 105 Minuten

II) Mamma Roma

After many years working in the streets of Roma, the middle-age whore Mamma Roma (Anna Magnani) saves money to buy an upper-class apartment, a fruit stand and retires from the prostitution. She brings her teenage son Ettore (Ettore Garofolo), who was raised alone in the country, to live with her, and Ettore becomes her pride and joy. However, the boy that does not want to study or work, joins to idle friends, has a crush on a bitch, and Mamma Roma uses her best but limited efforts to straight Ettore and make him an honest man. However, her past haunts her with tragic consequences.