Laurent Van Lancker, Belgien, 2006, OV /e, 76 Minuten, documentary fiction

Masters in Bern: Laurent Van Lancker’s «Surya»

Once upon a journey, ten contemporary storytellers of different cultures create an imaginary epic story, which oscillates between imagination and reality, the inner world and the outside world, documentary and fiction.
This impressionistic film is the outcome of an overland odyssey by public transport from dusk to dawn, through Europe and Asia (Belgium, Slovakia, Turkey, Syria, Kurdistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Vietnam). An audio-visual performance where imagination and creativity travel across borders.

“Surya” will open the Masterclass of an award-winning director Laurent Van Lancker.
Next day Laurent will present his vision of filmmaking - experiential, performative and sensorial - in a day-long workshop at the Institute of Social Anthropology. The Call for Participation is available at the website.